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We sell, install, and service both commercial & residential generators. Florida Power Solutions of Sarasota, FL has been providing generator sales and services for over 20 years. If you’re in the market for a residential generator or commercial generator, please don’t hesitate to call us!

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First Of All, Keep Your Loved Ones Safe, And Your Property Secure During The Next Power Outage, And Through The Hurricane Season. As A Premier Generator Sarasota...
Commercial Power
Commercial Generators Provide Seamless, Integrated Backup Power For All Industries And Commercial Entities, Including Health Care Facilities, Data Centers, Restaurants...
Florida Power Solutions Has Been Serving Sarasota, Fl Since 1986. As A Top Generators Services Company, We Have Spent 3 Decades Specializing In Medium, Large...
Generator Repairs
Florida Power Solutions Is A Premiere Generators Sarasota FL Company, Dedicated To Servicing, Selling, And Repairing All Makes And Models Of Generators. Our...
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Why Do You Need a Backup Generator installed by a local Generators Services Company in Florida?

Long power outages can ruin medications, spoil food, turn wine, damage artwork and collectibles; even endanger your life due to the Florida heat and humidity. As a top generators services company, we are here to help!

Since Irene and Sandy smashed into the east coast, the purchase of home generators in Sarasota have skyrocketed. Generac Generators, with whom we are a Certified Generator Dealer, said that the sales of home generators went up 45% due to those storms and the extensive, lengthy power outages they caused.

The bottom line; if the power to your home or business is interrupted for any reason at all, your standby generator installation will switch on automatically, alleviating the power problem. Your family remains happy and secure while your business continues to function at an optimal level. As your premier generators company in Sarasota, FL we mean it when we say we are dedicated to helping our residents stay powered and connected. Should you have any questions regarding generator service near you, don’t hesitate to give a call to our generator services company.

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  • Do you fear long intervals of service interruption due to power outages?
  • Do you live in an area that could be affected when a hurricane or severe storm comes through?
  • Do you have a physical condition that may get worse without electricity?
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    Client Testimonials

    We’ve worked with FPS for years They have always treated us right by maintaining exemplary performance for our business while showing the utmost respect toward our guests.I was very impressed with your team that did the installation. They worked extremely hard for the days...
    MARK R.
    via Google review
    A sunny Saturday morning, A transformer fails. No one’s fault. But, 8 homes were without Electricity. No Air Conditioning, No TV, No internet… Florida Power and Light was called, trouble ticket created… No problem…well, It was 8 hours before the Cat 3 Hurricane, Irma, arrived.... Read the comment here
    via Google review
    Tim's quote was very detailed and right in line with several other competitive quotes. The 20kW Kohler (RESAL) with ATS has excellent reviews and quality. Tim's electrical installers did a fantastic job. With FPS, "The quality goes in, before the FPS stickers go on!"
    via Google review
    An outstanding company with highly professional employees. Whole-house generator installation. Excellent product, service, and support. Generator was invaluable during recent hurricane caused power outage. In a time when so many contractors fall short, it's refreshing to find...
    via Google review
    I was very impressed with your team that did the installation. They worked extremely hard for the days they were here. FPL and Manatee Inspection went off with amazing synchronization. Dean did a precision install of the Transfer Switch so there was no disruption to in inside...
    via Google review
    Where do I start, I rarely have dealt with a more professional company. Questions answered, problems (small) solved, emails responded to. If you need a generator, look no further,
    via Facebook review
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