The Top 7 Reasons to Buy a Generac Backup Generator for Your Home

According to several reliable surveys, around 80% of all Americans purchase a Generac backup generator for domestic use. In fact, this is a figure that the company itself uses prominently!

Generac is the United States’ largest manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of generators. The company was established in 1959 and has been headquartered in Wisconsin ever since.

Generac standby generators top the sales charts across the 50 States every year in this niche.

Given its history and the technological advancements that Generac has implemented over the previous decades, it is hardly surprising that Generac backup home generators are the choice of millions of homeowners.

If you are looking for a generator that will provide hassle-free uninterrupted power for all your domestic requirements, Generac should be your top choice. Despite several competent and well-known rival manufacturers, it makes perfect sense to go for their products.

Here are some reasons why.

Why should you choose Generac backup generators over others?

Here are a few points which will be of some benefit.

1. Safe and reliable products

All models made available by Generac, whether they are for domestic or commercial use, undergo very strict quality control measures. What’s more, all models abide by existing laws and codes which govern fire safety, voltage requirements, and issues related to emergency electricity supply.

The United States runs on AC mains in the 110-117 volts range. Besides several Federal laws, some states have their own separate laws as well.

All Generac backup home generators are manufactured keeping these variations in mind. This helps prevent deadly carbon monoxide poisoning and several other dangers.

2. Forget refueling every time 

Refueling most portable generators is one of the most back-breaking tasks that no one enjoys. Generac’s portable generators are designed to draw fuel from the natural gas lines which ensures that refueling becomes a thing of the past!

3. A wide array of products 

 While several competitors also provide several options to customers, Generac still leads the pack. Their product range, including 50Hz home backup units, is unrivaled.

It also means that everyone can buy a unit depending on his or her power requirements, portability issues, budget and other essential factors.

Just as an example, if you reside in Florida (especially around the Southwestern Coastal areas), simply visit the best Generac dealers in Sarasota FL and select a model that ticks all the right boxes!

4. Superior design and engineering 

Generac takes customer feedback very seriously. It conducts polls regularly to draw out the pain points and complaints of clients who report adverse or negative user experiences. These are rectified in very short spans of time.

Besides, most Generac standby generators also consume less amounts of energy. It is essentially a win-win situation for the customer.

5. High-tech remote monitoring possible 

Generac’s products are outfitted with a proprietary technology called ‘Mobile Link’. This can be accessed via your smartphone regardless of your geographic location. Should there be any trouble, the Mobile Link technology will update you (and the authorized retailer) to take appropriate measures in real-time.

6. Customer satisfaction assured 

One of the most important reasons behind the enduring popularity of Generac backup generators is the company’s total commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Generac provides warranties on its products like most big names in this business, but it goes above and beyond its rivals with some unique coverage options.

While their products offer you the best bang for the buck, the company’s representatives will be at your beck and call all day in case something does go wrong.

All you need to do is call up their customer care helpline that’s operational 24x7x365. Lodge your complaint and provide a few details. You can expect an expert to turn up at your doorstep sooner than you would think!

The helpline number is 888-GENERAC (or 888-436-6732). Note that this number only works if you’re calling from the US or from Canada.

7. Wide retailer network

Generac has developed an enviable web of dealerships over the decades it has been in business. If you are unable to locate your nearest generator dealers, you can simply log on to the company’s official website and navigate to ‘Service & Support’.

Type in your ZIP Code and a list of your local dealers will pop up.

You can also purchase Generac backup generators online if you want to.