Why an Automatic Transfer Switch for a Generator is Essential?

Several people in and around the regions of Florida often demand the need for backing up their homes with generators, to obtain automatic power. And that’s natural! Using an automatic transfer switch for a generator allows one to transfer power from the utility to the generator. This is especially true when a power outage occurs.

On the other hand, there’s a manual switch that requires anyone on-site who must be present to turn it on, especially when the power goes off. Naturally, manual switches are all about extra risks, time, and effort. Contrasted, an auto transfer switch proves beneficial for businesses, which can flip the very moment power goes out.

Ideally, an automatic transfer switch works manifold for running any standby generator. With a manual transfer switch that you resort to for a portable generator, it doesn’t work.

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

The auto transfer switch for a generator or ATS switch helps in establishing a proper connection of the standby generator to your home. In normal situations, the electricity flows from the utility to the main electrical panel inside the house, where all the circuits are powered.

For the overall electrical system, automatic switches are akin to being ‘the ‘brains’! So when they’re installed, the ability to switch automatically between the electricity that is generated from the utility and the generator power is possible.

Just at a time when a power outage occurs, the transfer switch helps in moving the house to the generator power. After that when the power gets restored, it switches the home to its usual utility power.

Apart from a few homes, most businesses heavily rely on auto-transfer switches. Common among them are schools, colleges, restaurants, factories, hospitals, nursing homes and medical units, malls, and several warehouses.

What Benefits to Gain from Using an Automatic Transfer Switch?

By moving to an automatic transfer switch for a generator, you bring a host of benefits for yourself, your home, or the very business you’re involved with.

Top-Notch Safety

A business venture will seldom turn into a successful one, sans safety. Manual handling of the power sources puts house inmates and the team at the office, open to risks, like electrocution.

Imagine weather disturbances like storms, hail, or rain, and the outside turns to pitch dark. After you get the auto transfer switch and generator installed by a professional electrician, you can then relax; at least the chances of accidents are minimized.

Optimum Reliability

No matter what, you want to know that the home or the business will remain functioning with the local power grid. Of course, your generator offers a slight guarantee about it.

However, you need to have someone at your beck and call to turn it on if the power goes out! Thankfully, the generator with an automatic transfer switch will get the power back in a jiffy, and that’s usually without anybody fixing the issue at the time of the power outage.

Enhanced Simplicity

Almost every work accomplished inside the house (and specifically the businesses) are complicated. The last thing you would want as an add-on is how the generator is turned on after the power goes out. You need not worry about how a standby generator must be set up if you have the generator transfer switch.

During installation, several operations are set to automatic power mode. Take a pick from which is more important- lighting, refrigerators, HVAC systems, industrial equipment and then decide. This way, the very process of refueling power to all such vital systems becomes a hassle-free one.


What you must not forget is an automatic transfer switch for a generator is necessary, even when you have a home standby generator. Ideally speaking, you need both when installing the generator. In some cases, transfer switches come in a package form with certain standby generators, if not always.

You simply need to ensure that the switch is large enough to accommodate all your power needs. Try contacting reliable generator dealers who can help you with finding the exact one for your need.