What’s the Best Home Generator to buy for your residence?

Best Whole Home Generator

What's the best whole home generator to buy?

Best Whole Home GeneratorWho makes the best generator? The top three generator manufacturers in any order are:

  • Cummins Generators

Kohler Generators

Kohler Generators are  the most popular brand at FPS in terms of numbers sold. Kohler appears at the top of the list in generator ratings reviews. These particular units (20RESAL-200SELS) come with a composite hurricane safety enclosure that also functions as a noise dampening device. This unit can be programmed for monitoring online or from a smart device. This particular generator is the best whole home generator and it is “reliable, powerful, and surprisingly quiet.”

Generac Generators

In another generator ratings review publication, the Generac 6462 Guardian Series Generator received top-billing. For an idea of the size of one of the whole home generators, a 16,000-watt unit measures 25 X 48 X 29 inches (about 2 X 4 X 2 ft.).

This Generac model also comes with a 150 mph wind-grade metal enclosure that will protect the unit from damage in case of a big nor’easter during our coming winter months, or during hurricane season here on the Gulf Coast. The enclosure also functions as a decibel muffler.

Cummins Generators

Cummins is the third highly-rated generator manufacturer that we’d like to highlight. Cummins generators are more known for marine and and industrial grade applications. They also offer home residential generators, though often more commonly represented in the commercial industry. Now, Cummins whole home generators do not come equipped with the hurricane enclosure. The noise difference is almost unnoticeable without the enclosure included with the other models, and does not affect the generator’s performance.

The most important part of deciding what whole home generator is deciding which whole home generator is right for your needs and applications. The professionals at Florida Power Solutions are there to help you pick a unit, and to aid in the logistics and permitting of having your unit delivered and installed properly.

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