Choosing a Licensed Contractor

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The processes of permitting, generator installation, and follow-on service schedules are the most important in the life cycle of a generator. Without permitting, code compliance isn’t a priority and makes most amateur or non-permitted installations a safety hazard. Customers will often try to cut corners, or hire contractors that will be more concerned with collecting a check or an expeditious … Read More

Our Generator Monitoring Service

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Florida Power Solutions offers several options for generator monitoring service to customers, even if we didn’t install their generator. Among single service visits, annual and bi-annual service contracts, our monitoring service is an extra measure for service calls and added peace of mind. Using 5G cellular signal, a monitor installed inside the generator enclosure can communicate with Florida Power Solution’s … Read More

Choosing The Right Generator For You

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Do you know how to choose the right generator? How do you, the customer, choose a generator for your home? With so many manufacturers, models, and power ratings, it can be daunting when trying to best match your home with back-up power. Florida Power Solutions will help simplify this complicated process. Each home has specific needs for power consumption, customer … Read More

Generator Do’s and Do not’s

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Many considerations are made by Florida Power Solutions and the customer during the estimating process and site survey. Once the generator is installed, there are some basic guidelines for the new owner of a standby generator. Of these guidelines, the most important are regarding the future of the generator’s location and how that space is managed. Once the final inspection … Read More

Generator Service

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Why Service Your Generator? Generator service is essentially an insurance policy for the unit. Just like with a car’s engine, a regular service schedule is vital to ensure the proper function of your standby power generator. Neglecting to maintain a generator can result in a business or residence being without power when it’s needed the most. Nine times out of … Read More