Hurricane Season is Not Over Yet

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Governor Rick Scott ordered all Florida Nursing Homes be equipped with enough backup power to provide air conditioning for 4 days following a power outage.

Generac Backup Generators

Generac Backup Generators

If you do not already own a home backup generator, or a commercial/industrial backup generator for your business, you could be in luck! Generac just introduced a new line of Generac Backup Generators dubbed the Guardian Series, and the new line of backup generators brings innovations and engineering genius from the folks over at Generac. The New Engine Design The … Read More

Florida Power

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Florida Power Solutions has been servicing the greater Sarasota area for more than 3 decades! If it’s time to create a backup power plan for your home or business, Florida Power Solutions is your one stop shop for your entire emergency backup power system from your generator, to your transfer box, to pouring the concrete slab for your residential backup … Read More

Industries that Suffer the Most from Power Outages

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Data Centers The first business we’ll examine are data center facilities. Data centers are very often referred to as the backbone of operations across nearly all industries and commercial entities across the country and around the globe, and are “mission critical,” meaning vital to the functioning of the business or company. Data centers incur an inordinate amount of damage when … Read More

Generator Installation

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Your unit should be placed outdoors, inside a protective enclosure where sufficient air for cooling and ventilation is available in an unobstructed manner. The generator should be placed on a level surface, which is non-combustible and non-conducting, a little above ground level to prevent contact from rising water levels. If water comes into contact with the unit, there could be … Read More

Power Backup Solutions

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Power backup for your home is proving to be a necessity year-round. Hurricane Season ended November 30th, just in time for the polar vortex to make its annual visit from Canada to the Sunshine State. Do you have power backup solutions? Because if you don’t, you may be setting yourself up for Mother Nature. Power OutagesAround 15 million Americans experience … Read More

Backup Generators

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The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are ratcheting up emphasis on defending our country from the very real threat of a terrorist cyber attack on our power grid, an attack similar to the cyber attack in the Ukraine a year ago. That cyber attack knocked out power for nearly a quarter-million people across the Crimean Peninsula. The scary … Read More

Home Backup Power Solutions

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There’s still one month of Hurricane Season. And winter is on its way. Having backup power at your home is the peace of mind, and feeling safe, secure, and powered up most importantly, in the case of any type of power outage. Don’t be left out in the dark or the cold in the coming winter months following a hurricane … Read More

What’s the Best Home Generator to buy for your residence?

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Who makes the best generator? The top three generator manufacturers in any order are: The most important part of deciding what whole home generator is deciding which whole home generator is right for your needs and applications. The professionals at Florida Power Solutions are there to help you pick a unit, and to aid in the logistics and permitting of … Read More

Home Generator Maintenance

Home Generator Maintenance

Next to having oil and gas in your unit, the singular MOST important part of owning a generator is making certain that you are keeping the unit within routine manufacturer maintenance guidelines. Having a well-designed and well-maintained power system is your best defense against the next power outage, where we stand with you for all your home generator maintenance services. … Read More