Aging United States Power Grid Could Pose Problems In Near Future


Non-disaster power outages have increased in length and frequency, 124% to be precise, since the 1990s in the US nationwide compelling experts to ask the question: Are these extraordinary circumstances isolated incidents, or signposts of an ominous future? More than 500,000 people are affected DAILY by power outages across the country, and severe weather blackouts have doubled since 2003. The … Read More

The Blackout of 2003

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Power Grid

Power Grid

The idea of going off the grid is an idea that can be traced back at least as far as 1845 and Henry David Thoreau, the American existentialist, who in his search to simplify his life, spent two years in a cabin near Walden Pond in Massachusetts. Folks today often want to go off the grid not necessarily only to … Read More

Am I Ready | Backup Generator

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With 2 strengthening areas of low pressure grinding across the Atlantic toward the Caribbean en route to Florida and the rest of the US, you HAVE to ask yourself: “Am I ready?”

Hurricane Sandy, Backup power for your home and business

Backup Power

When we think about today’s severe weather, it’s very important to remember that Mother Nature is creating more and more powerful storms due to the global increase in atmospheric and water temperature. And to illustrate the new paradigm in severe weather, let’s examine some of the statistics from superstorm Sandy that struck the east coast of the United States almost … Read More

Choosing The Right Generator

Backup Powers Solutions For Business

Choosing the correct amount of wattage to your home or business, and choosing your backup power system format, are two very important points to cover when purchasing a home backup generator, or a backup generator for your business. If you are purchasing a backup generator for your residence, you will almost invariably require only one (1) generator for backup power … Read More

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute for Your New Backup Generator!

New Backup Generator

In the generator business, we unfortunately see this situation time and again. Very often, folks wait until an emergency hits to initiate their purchase of a backup generator for their home and business. Waiting until the last minute could very well delay the logistical process surrounding the installation a new backup generator. The first issue of waiting too long to … Read More

Commercial Backup Generator

Commercial Backup Generator

One example is the case of Virgin Blue airlines who lost power for 11 days, and cost the company around $20 million. During the outage, Virgin Blue also lost their ability to book new passengers, and their online check-in function, as a direct result of the outage. Commercial electrical downtime costs the country around $42 million annually. That’s why commercial … Read More

Industrial Backup Generator

Industrial Backup Generator

It’s difficult to think of a business that would not need a industrial backup generator! If the power goes out at a restaurant, the perishable food is lost, your computers go down, and your customers leave. And if the power goes down in the Public Safety sector, it may result in a huge car crash because the stop lights stopped … Read More

Home Backup Generator

Home Backup Generator

That’s a very important question with hurricane season here (June 1st to November 30th), particularly if you live in Florida where most of the state is coastline, making it more vulnerable to tropical storms. Home backup generators can keep all the appliances, internet and communications, refrigeration, and air conditioning, working smoothly in any power outage. It’s also important to remember … Read More