Choosing a Licensed Contractor

The processes of permitting, generator installation, and follow-on service schedules are the most important in the life cycle of a generator. Without permitting, code compliance isn’t a priority and makes most amateur or non-permitted installations a safety hazard. Customers will often try to cut corners, or hire contractors that will be more concerned with collecting a check or an expeditious install, rather than taking into account the life cycle of the unit they paid a premium for. 

This can cause several serious roadblocks for a residential or commercial generator down the road. A non-permitted job can be red-taped until code compliance is met, or the owner is told to remove the unit altogether. Paying a premium price for a licensed, bonded and insured contractor can seem unnecessary to the layperson, but the benefits far outweigh the potential outcomes and the liabilities that can fall upon the customer when something goes wrong.

Choosing a contractor like Florida Power Solutions, you’re not only paying for the industry expertise and reputation, but also for the assurance that warranty claims can be handled efficiently and without the need for a 3rd party. As one of only two Titanium Kohler Dealers in the state of Florida, our company has both built and earned its reputation and standing with its customers and generator supplier. Florida Power Solutions works closely with its manufacturers and are abreast of all current and upcoming changes to generator hardware and software. 

The “average Joe” contractor or amateur won’t have access to the necessary software or the knowledge to fix a control board issue, for instance. Licenses, schooling, and certification that come directly from generator manufacturers aren’t intended to inflame the cost of an installation or repair. Instead, these are assurances between dealers and suppliers that keep the quality of work and generator life cycle at its best. 

Choosing the wrong contractor can mean that a customer finds themselves with a generator that’s out of commission for a preventable issue, or one that is a simple fix. Paying several hundred dollars for a service call, only to be told that the problem couldn’t be identified or that a fix is beyond the knowledge of the technician will obviously frustrate any customer. With that, it is crucial to choose the right licensed contractor for you. So, if you are seeking an expert company that can help and provide all of your Florida Power Solution needs, we are here for you!