Choosing The Right Generator For You

Do you know how to choose the right generator?

How do you, the customer, choose a generator for your home? With so many manufacturers, models, and power ratings, it can be daunting when trying to best match your home with back-up power. Florida Power Solutions will help simplify this complicated process.

Each home has specific needs for power consumption, customer preferences, and limitations based on the design of the home and size of the property. Any permanent installation of a standby generator has specific building codes that must be adhered to, and the generator’s location is a big factor. Distance from doors, functional windows, combustible materials, airflow, and exhaust mitigation are all variables that must be taken into account.

Any of our customers should feel confident that Florida Power Solutions carefully considered every building and electrical code that was pertinent to their installation. While the estimating and site survey processes are meant to include these variables, unexpected issues can arise during any installation. Existing buried pipes, irrigation systems, building footers, and Home Owners Associations can throw a wrench into an otherwise smooth install. Our crews will find a correct solution to any unforeseen problems and keep your generator installation code compliant.

The other side of this process, and perhaps the most important, is choosing the generator size for your home. For the average-sized home in Florida, and without any special considerations, a 20Kw generator fits most customers’ needs. If a customer’s electrical power demands are greater than what their generator can provide, this can be mitigated with “load shedding”. 

Essentially, the load shedding is for items with a substantial electrical draw. For instance, a typical customer might have their oven, dryer, and one or more air handlers on load shed relays. If the generator load demand is at the potential to overload the generator one or more of these items may be “shed” from the generator’s power to prevent overloading the unit. 

Once the generator load demand has decreased, the item or items that were shed will be brought back online automatically. Items designated for load shedding can be prioritized, as well, to make sure that the customer has the ability to use their preferred items over everything else, in the event that the generator is close to its maximum capabilities.

If you are not sure what generator is best for your home or business, give Florida Power Solutions a call. We will work with you and share the best generator options for your residential or commercial need. Contact us today!