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commercial electrical contractorWhether it’s peace of mind for your family during the next hurricane, required for a contracting project, or if your business can not cease operations in the midst of a power outage, then buying a generator from Florida Power Solutions Inc.,will be the best investment you will ever make. At Florida Power Solutions, we have established a reputation for offering the best commercial electrical services for business in the area. Our Sarasota electrical contractors are trained, experienced and well equipped to handle all kinds of electrical problems that might come your way.

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At Florida Power Solutions, our business is focused on two things: Commercial/Industrial Electrical Contracting and Power Generation. And our dedicateion has helped us emerge as highly trusted electrical contractors in Sarasota Fl. A back-up generator from Florida Power Solutions will ensure that your business stays in business next time there is a power outage, service interruption, or weather event like a hurricane, severe winter thunderstorm or heavy flooding.

Don’t wait until after the disaster hits. Get prepared today by investing in a quality residential or commercial generator. Start off by contacting a commercial electrical contractor like Florida Power Solutions. We are dedicated to helping all businesses in the area! Contact Florida Power Solutions today for all your commercial electrical services needs.s

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    Our main focus is excellence and professionalism. Whether you’re buying a generator for your home or business from us, or hiring us for an electrical industrial contracting project - we are the true professionals.

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    Our customers trust us. That’s because we have been serving our customers in the area since 1986, doing everything from designing and implementing industrial-sized commercial backup projects for public entities

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“Again, the work that Dean, Eric and Tim did was outstanding, I was really impressed with their work ethic and attention to detail. I will be highly recommending your company.... “
TK, Sarasota, FL
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“I was very impressed with your team that did the installation. They worked extremely hard for the days they were here. FPL and Manatee Inspection went off with amazing synchronization.”
JS, Bradenton, FL
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“We’ve worked with FPS for years They have always treated us right by maintaining exemplary performance for our business, while showing the utmost respect toward our guests.”
HW, (Hospice) Sarasota