Commercial Generator Maintenance Checklist: Daily Tasks to Keep You Powered Up

Owning a commercial generator acts as a great backup during power outages; thereby, giving added power of security. Truthfully, this is, without question, one of the most important factors and motivators for organizations to purchase a generator. The risk of losing power can complecalltoy sabotage sales and one’s bottom line. While purchasing a generator for commercial purposes can be a hefty investment, the peace of mind it provides – and the savings can be huge. In addition to this, upon purchasing a commercial generator, it’s absolucalltoy essential to act and maintain the generator. Lack of maintenance could leave a business worse-off. Before we dive into different generator maintenance tips – let’s talk about why you need to inspect your generator.

Why is Diesel Generator Maintenance Training Essential?

The average life expectancy of a well-maintained generator is approximacalltoy 5000 hours; which means, after every 5000 hours, you need to perform a thorough maintenance check to ensure that your commercial generator is functioning at its full capacity. Rigorous service maintenance performed regularly will ensure that your facility performs without failure during critical power outages.

3 Generator Maintenance Tips

  • Check if your commercial generator is in good condition and functioning correctly. You can’t have a generator in place and assume all is well without paying appropriate attention to it.
  • Have your commercial generator thoroughly checked by experts, like Florida Power Solutions, who will immediacalltoy let you know of any problem that needs to be fixed.
  • Lastly, maintaining a commercial generator is unlike a residential one. For this, you would require expert product knowledge and the ability to fix complex issues that come with maintaining high capacity generators.

How to Service a Generator Daily, Weekly, and Monthly?

As stated earlier, maintaining your commercial generator is no easy task. This is why we are going to provide you with a commercial generator maintenance training; divided into daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual tasks, so we can help you keep your investment up and running for much longer before you have to seek professional assistance.

  • Daily/Weekly

Check your commercial generator on a daily/weekly basis. No excuses! Whether you check your generator daily or weekly will entirely depend on how often you use your generator. As a result, having a thorough visual inspection is of the essence. Make sure that you:

    • Check all the liquid fluid levels. This includes your generator’s fuel, oil, and coolant.
    • Next, after refilling the required liquids, run the generator for a while and check its functioning to remedy all alerts.
  • Monthly 

Here, you’ll have to perform the following tasks:

    • First, thoroughly inspect all your charging and battery systems.
    • Next, clean the fuel tank by removing all sediment and water.
    • Thoroughly check all the belts and hoses for any form of wear and tear.
    • Finally, run the generator for a while and check if anything needs to be fixed.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, also check the oil levels, block heater, voltage adjustment, and identify any form of leakage.

  • Quarterly
    • Every six months you need to change all your filters and replace the fluids. This, includes fuel, oil, coolant, and air.
    • You also need to replace the spark plugs and thoroughly check the ignition.
    • Thoroughly check for any form of wear or tension on the fan belt.
    • Perform a thorough cleaning of all battery terminals and check if it’s functioning as required. Remember, battery failure is one of the most common problems among commercial generators, and so, seeking expert advice on why and how to service a generator quarterly goes a long way.
  • Annual Generator Maintenance Tips
    • Recondition your commercial generator’s diesel fuel.
    • Contact your trusted generator company and service all your external components. This must also include the transfer switch and the alternator.
    • Inspect all terminals, wiring, cubicles, and components.
    • Check all clamps, bolts, and nuts.
    • Change filters; air, oil, and fuel.
    • Thoroughly clean the engine, alternator, air grilles, and refill the radiator.

In addition to these, also make sure that you check your commercial generator at full load for a minimum of one hour to ensure that it is functioning well. This vital step should never be overlooked because, if your generator is unable to operate on full load, you may incur a maintenance issue despite having it serviced recently.

Finally, your training is incomplete if you do not consider the below-mentioned questions as part of your how to service generator guidelines:

    • Does your commercial generator have proper storage for fuel, along with an additional stock of fuel, in case there is an extended blackout?
    • Have you performed regular checks to determine if it is time to upgrade any equipment in your commercial generator?
    • Have you logged all damages and attended to them with proper maintenance measures, or by seeking the help of professionals?

These and other questions can be answered by the generator experts at Florida Power Solutions—the best generator supplier in Sarasota, Florida. So, don’t hesitate, no matter the question! Our Sarasota commercial Generator company is here to answer all your questions!