Frequently Asked Questions

FPS is a turnkey, full service electrical provider. We have served our satisfied customers since 1986. We specialize in commercial, industrial and residential standby power generation as well as commercial, industrial and large residential electrical contracting projects. We do everything from designing and implementing industrial sized commercial backup projects to helping our customers select the best generator for their home. We serve Central Southwest Florida including Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties plus the surrounding areas.

The National Electric Service requires a generator sizing and calculates the entire electrical demand for your home or business. The calculation takes into account all of your actual appliances and electrical devices. This is important because today we utilize “shedding” technology, which automatically disconnects and reconnects individual electrical applications, based on priority and necessity, so your most important items will work conveniently when needed. Another important facet of “load shedding” is that it allows your home or business operate on a smaller back-up generator unit, leaving a smaller carbon footprint, and using less fuel.

FPS facilitates ALL of the logistics of delivering, installing, servicing and/or repairing your home or business generator under one roof! We handle the entire process, from permitting and design, to installing your generator unit. And we offer a full range of client services which include your scheduled generator maintenance, and all of your generator service and repairs.

Natural gas and Liquid Propane are the two standard fuel sources for home and light commercial generators. But there has been an increasing trend toward diesel generators because of the torque and power a diesel engine is capable of producing. Considering the substantial electrical loads required at commercial buildings and industrial facilities, and because running back-up power can be particularly demanding, diesel fuel is typically the best fuel for the job.

Your Transfer Switch is the mechanism that automatically “switches” your power source over to your generator. The switch happens in seconds, and your home or place of business has its power back. Likewise, when power is restored, your Transfer Switch changes your home/business power source back to its main source, and powering down your generator. With respect to sizing your Transfer Switch will be calculated during the design phase of your generator unit installation.

All FPS generators run on fuel (diesel, LP, natural gas, or alternative fuel source) to generate electricity.

Checking the oil is ostensibly necessary at 6-month to 1-year service intervals. Florida Power Solutions has found that due to new cleaner-burning fuel technology, along with periodic, short-term usage of the unit, those recommended service intervals are optimal. Now, depending on your unit model, the size of your unit, its cooling capabilities, and its frequency of use, especially during long run periods (24 hours or more), the service interval may vary. But not to worry, almost EVERY unit has multiple shut-down circuits to avoid any major failure or breakdown during the operation of your generator.

The best oil to use for Natural Gas and Liquid Propane (LP) generator units in Florida’s subtropical climate is your favorite major brand fuel oil company’s synthetic 5W-30. Keep in mind, however, the weight of the oil may change depending on the model generator. To be certain, please contact your FPS professional for the precisely model-specific oil for your generator. And it’s a good rule of thumb to use the generator manufacturer’s recommended fluids for all of your unit’s maintenance and repair.

Yes, most permanently-installed generators automatically start. The unit will start for two reasons: 1) If there is a power service interruption, or 2) The unit will run an “exercise” schedule. An exercise schedule is an automatic operation by your unit that runs through its critical systems to make sure all the unit’s components are functioning properly. You can find the frequency and duration of your generator’s exercise cycles in your Owner’s Manual. (hyperlink this to Owner’s Manual?….)