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commercial generators kohlerFlorida Power Solutions has been servicing the greater Sarasota area for more than 3 decades! If it’s time to create a backup power plan for your home or business, Florida Power Solutions is your one stop shop for your entire emergency backup power system from your generator, to your transfer box, to pouring the concrete slab for your residential backup generator, or your commercial/industrial backup generator. FPS will also service your generator so you’ll always be prepared when the unexpected happens, and the lights go out. Now, how can you be certain you’ll have power the next time a BIG one hits? Well, nothing is predictable 100%, but let us calltol you what we CAN guarantee you and your family once you’ve become part of the FPS family.

Buying the Correct Generator

First of all, customer care and satisfaction are Florida Power Solution’s #1 priority. So we begin with making a decision regarding what generator will best suit your needs. FPS doesn’t want you to purchase a generator with higher wattage load than you or your business needs, because it only makes sense to purchase THE CORRECT GENERATOR for your intended applications, not the most expensive generator on the lot with bells and whistles that will never get used.

FPS is a One-Stop Shop

Secondly, Florida Power Solutions is a one-stop shop for buying, transporting, permitting, construction, electrical contracting, and installation of your new generator. Installing a new generator MUST be done by a licensed professional, and by all means SHOULD be done by a licensed professional, like the technicians and supervisors at FPS. If the unit is not installed by a licensed technician, you could void your warranty! Another issue FPS handles is the permitting process, and has over 30 years of experience pulling permits for jobs with the city, county and state.

Get it Right the First Time

nd finally, and probably most importantly, FPS handles all the electrical contracting work. And the professionals at FPS will get the wiring right the first time. Whenever you hire someone to do a job, you want it done right, and you want it done right the first time. This saves time, money, and stress, and generally results in a positive experience for everyone involved.

Generator Experts

Florida Power Solutions, Inc. has been serving residents in the West Central Florida area completing new construction, custom residential work, remodels, commercial projects including lift stations, wastewater treatment facilities, industrial lighting, along with standby generator specialty work since 1986. We have been faithfully serving our customers for over 30 years, doing everything from designing and implementing industrial-sized commercial backup generator projects for public entities like the Department of Health, to the numerous residential and commercial projects we have completed throughout Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte County and surrounding areas.

When it’s time for emergency backup power solutions, contact the Generator professionals, Florida Power Solutions. Don’t get left out in the Dark! Contact us today.

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