Servicing a Generac Generator: 10 Essential FAQs

If you live in Florida, you are no stranger to hurricanes, so you would know why servicing Generac generators regularly is imperative. If not, imagine a power outage back home. Your generator is the most crucial thing to get you through the challenging time. But what will you do if you suddenly realize you have a faulty one?
Usually, generators are installed outside the home. Think of storms, floods, or similar natural calamities; a Generac generator renders protection and safety like no other! To ensure longevity, always fix an appointment with a professional with the right knowledge about Generac and who offers all the support for generator repair, installation, and overall maintenance.

Common FAQs to know

Even when most of your queries get resolved regarding your Generac generator, there will always be a few unanswered questions. So that you get the best value for the money spent on the backup power system and keep it running, here are a few common FAQs that will be of great help.

Why is a maintenance kit needed for the generator?

Almost all portable and standby generator owners know that a Generac maintenance kit can ensure an easy and regular maintenance schedule. Much like a lawn mower or even a car, if you fail to complete the maintenance, then your warranty goes null and void!

How frequently should a Generac generator undergo servicing?

Simply put, this generator needs annual maintenance. Ideally, a Generac generator provides a $200 annual service contract that cares for the yearly checks. However, a few Generac service providers can often offer lesser rates in the options – like $170 for every checkup.

Where to buy a Generac generator maintenance kit?

Generac has an online store where you can order a standby generator maintenance kit. After you click on the Generac maintenance kit description that matches the unit’s kilowatt value, you will find maintenance kits that fit your specific model number. You can sort it out as per the product name or price.

What is the life expectancy of a Generac generator?

The typical life plan for Generac standby is about 20 to 30 years. When you operate this in a non-standby mode, the engine life is highly dependent on the run hours and how you carry out the maintenance. Besides, the quality of house generator installation is equally important.

What accessories are available?

Fuel level monitors are now available in large numbers to ensure adequate fuel, so any unexpected power outage is managed well. The monitor is wireless and a specific app called ‘Tank Utility’ puts an alert mode just before fuel levels dip.

What tools must be used for maintenance?

At the onset, you need a wrench or a screwdriver to remove all the screws that help hold on to the main panel. Then, you would need a 3/8 socket wrench to get rid of all the old spark plugs. Alongside, you would need pliers, a ratchet, and a spark plug gap gauge. If you have to change the oil, the kit contains an add-on funnel and cloth. Additionally, you may want to have a plastic container or drip pan for draining off the old oil.

How to check a Generac generator battery?

The best way to test a charger is to measure battery voltage before starting the unit, record its value, start and stop the generator, and monitor the battery voltage.

How many times should the generator be run for maintenance?

Every three to four months, try and power up your generator. Generac maintenance schedule recommends that buyers undergo repairs for the power generators in no less than three months and that for about 30 minutes. This is important if you have to charge the battery for the electric starter. After all, you don’t want a dead battery or starter exactly when you need it.

How to detect the model number on standby or portable generator?

The model number is always printed on every standby and portable generator. So it won’t be a problem to detect the same. There are descriptions that you can also check for in every unit.

What kind of oil must you use for the generator?

There are three types of oil used to maintain your generator. The best oil change for a Generac generator would always depend on the temperature range in the climate of your city. Even while purchasing a maintenance kit, there are two parts of the correct oil, so choose carefully.


Buying and then servicing a Generac generator will always be helpful in the long run. In fact, the FAQs mentioned above will prove worthy for those who have long felt like purchasing but had several questions about generator maintenance. If you’re still looking for more, check for specifications on the website.