Generator Do’s and Don’ts

Generator do's and Don'ts

Many considerations are made by Florida Power Solutions and the customer during the estimating process and site survey. With that said, we consider various generator do's and do not's such as location, output, input, and different important factors. From here, we focus on the installation process and once the generator is installed, there are some basic guidelines for the new owner of a standby generator to keep in mind. Of these guidelines, the most important are regarding the future of the generator’s location and how that space is managed to ensure a long lasting and quality generator.

With that said, once the inspection has been fulfilled and the generator is in place, many individuals will opt-in for different measures to conceal their generator due to noise or the appearance. With that, noise abatement and concealing the generator can greatly reduce it's lifespan if not done correctly.

Why do people cover their generator?

Many individuals cover their generators for various reasons. For instance, some homeowners think that it looks like an eye-sore. Therefor they cover the generator with shrubs, trees, plants, and other elements to minimize the appearance. However, this means that more debris can get inside the generator and more dust, which can lead to complications in the future.

Another reason individuals hide the appearance of their residential generator is because the HOA asks for the generator to be as inconspicuous as possible. Which means, homeowners tend to mask the generator's presence with landscaping such as small plants and shrubs. When doing this, an individual needs to keep in mind that the generator will need space and room to 'breath'. Therefore, it is important to consider the proximity of the plants to the generator.

What to keep in mind?

When picking out your generator you want to keep in mind the input and output, alongside the location, and the size. Also, keep in mind how you will be covering your generator appearance and how it may impact the lifespan of the generator itself. Lastly, consider the weather elements and how they may impact that specific area where the generator is. For more generator advice, please contact Florida Power Solutions. Our goal is to help and aid in anyway that we can through the process of picking out your generator.

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