Hiring Generator Service Company

Hiring Generator service company

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Generator service is essentially an insurance policy for the unit. Just like with a car's engine, a regular service schedule is vital to ensure the proper function of your standby power generator. Neglecting to maintain a generator can result in a business or residence being without power when it's needed the most.
Nine times out of ten, a unit's failure to start or otherwise failure to provide emergency back-up power is due to a preventable circumstance with the engine or electrical components in the generator. Even if Florida Power Solutions didn't install your standby generator, we can provide the valuable service aspect to increase the life of a generator and reduce any unnecessary down time.

Service Contracts

Typically, recommended service for residential generators and commercial generators is bi-annual. However, we encourage our customers, both old and new, to sign up for our generator monitoring program. Using 5G cell towers, our monitors are installed within the generator enclosures and continuously provide both the customer and our service department with valuable information. This optional program is especially appealing to customers who travel frequently or seasonally, who want the peace of mind that their homes are protected, even when they are gone.

It's as simple as installing the free application on a smartphone, and both Florida Power Solutions and the customer can receive instant updates about their site power (site power being the house or building power), generator status, battery health, and run time, among others. If you are out of state and are alerted with a text message saying that your generator has started running, rest assured that our technicians are seeing the same information.

Customers can expect service to mirror that of a routine service that you would get for your vehicle’s engine. While every generator service is treated with the same care, our technicians watch closely for wear and tear as your generator ages. Belts, hoses, spark plugs, air filters, coolant, and radiators (in liquid cooled units) all suffer in our Florida heat.

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