Is a Backup Generator a Good Investment for Your Business?

Power outages can happen for a variety of reasons, and the length of time it takes to restore service to your residents and building may vary. According to the Miami New Times, no state has seen more residents without power in the last ten years than Florida. It affects not only homeowners but also a growing number of business owners.

Every day, businesses rely on electricity for a variety of reasons, including running machinery and preserving merchandise, as well as keeping employees and customers comfortable. When it comes to business, having a backup generator can be extremely beneficial in the event of a power loss. It will protect your company from the negative consequences of a power loss.

The Impact of Power Outages on Businesses

Because businesses rely on electricity in so many ways, a blackout can cause a major interruption with far-reaching implications. If you don’t have a backup power generator for business, here are some of the most significant effects that power outages may have on your business:

  • Loss of Revenue
  • Overruns in the Budget
  • Damages to equipment and inventory
  • Productivity decreases
  • Customer service challenges
  • Loss of customer data

How a Backup Generator Works

A backup generator, also known as a standby generator, is a piece of self-contained electrical equipment that provides backup power. An automatic transfer switch detects a power loss within seconds of a utility outage, directs the generator to start, and then switches the electrical load to the generator. The standby generator kicks on and starts giving power to the circuits.

Once the utility power is restored, the automatic transfer switch transfers the electrical load back to the utility and calltols the standby generator to shut down. It then goes into standby mode, waiting for the next outage.

Importance of Having a Backup Generator in Your Business

In the event of a power loss, having a standby generator installed from a reputable commercial generator service can help your business stay operational.
Here are some reasons why businesses of all sizes, from small companies to large corporations, should invest in generators:

Prevent Disruptions

Power outages in businesses impact many essential equipment and systems, bringing all departments to a stop. Power outages also have the potential to damage these company operations. Installing a backup generator will guarantee that none of these operations are affected by the outcome of the outages.

Examples of important items that are likely to be harmed during a power outage include:

  • HVAC unit
  • Computers
  • Security system
  • Refrigerators
  • Machines
  • Electrical appliances

Your business will be able to serve and operate consistently with a backup generator, resulting in increased productivity.

Prevent Significant Loss of Data and Information

In addition to your headquarters and staff, customers and their information will be impacted by an unanticipated power loss. A consistent power supply is essential if your business is data-intensive or holds critical client data that is accessed regularly. Data loss in many companies can result in a cascade of major problems throughout the business.
If your business has a standby generator, it can power your phones, machines, servers, and computers in a matter of seconds during a power outage, ensuring that your business remains online.

Prevent Product Losses

A big issue that a power outage can pose for many businesses is the loss of products, especially businesses that work with perishable food products or other temperature-sensitive goods. These businesses could include:

  • Restaurants
  • Groceries
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers

Cost Saving

Investing in a generator, rather than renting one, is far more cost-effective and helpful. It pays for itself if you keep your daily operations functioning even in a power outage. It will avoid additional costs for damaged equipment and revenue loss due to the outage’s disrupted business operations. It also helps prevent financial loss as a result of wasted products and goods.
Generators are reasonably priced, and they require little maintenance. You can prevent these expensive utility expenses and have peace of mind by investing in a generator.

How Much Does a Commercial Backup Generator Cost?

The cost of a generator is determined by the amount of power it produces; therefore, it is critical to assess how much electricity you will require from the generator. Prices for commercial generators range from $7,999 to $11,500.

Commercial backup generators are usually priced according to the number of watts and voltage provided, as well as their efficiency. The price is also affected by warranties and servicing plans.

The most commonly used generator is a fuel type, such as a diesel backup generator for business.

Fuel Types:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Propane
  • Diesel

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