Hurricane Season
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Hurricane Season is Not Over Yet

Hurricane Season is Not Over YetHurricane Season 2017 Unfortunately, now is not the time to rest on our laurels, lick our wounds and say “whew” we made it. We still have 60 days of Hurricane Season left this year (June 30th to November 30th), so now is the BEST time for you to find a residential backup generator or a commercial backup generator for your home or business. Now is the best time because the weather has calmed down a bit since Hurricane Irma ripped up the West Coast of Florida before dying out in Arcadia. There were still folks without power two
Generator Safety

Generator Safety

Generator SafetyAt Florida Power Solution, Generator Safety Is Our Top Concern Generator Safety is the seminal concern in a storm, and that includes generator safety. We STRONGLY recommend that you hire a licensed and insured electrical contracting company like Florida Power Solutions to install your new unit. And we do that for a number of reasons: Installation, repair and maintenance should always be done in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. (You’ll need an electrical contractor for this alone.) Installing the new unit requires permitting, and only licensed contractors can pull the permits; In addition to the generator, you’ll need a contractor
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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane PreparednessHurricane Preparedness Should Be Your Top Priority All of us to one degree or another, have been affected this year by severe weather. We haven’t had a hurricane season this active and catastrophically powerful in decades. The last Category 5 hurricane to hit the Bahamas was in 1992, and Puerto Rico is still recovering from the strongest storm, Hurricane Maria, to hit the tiny island in 89 years. And the 10th hurricane of the season, Hurricane Ophelia, just formed off the coast of West Africa. This year, the United States has had the most hurricanes make landfall since 2005. The difference is,