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We’ve worked with FPS for years They have always treated us right by maintaining exemplary performance for our business while showing the utmost respect toward our guests.I was very impressed with your team that did the installation. They worked extremely hard for the days...
Mark R.
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A sunny Saturday morning, A transformer fails. No one’s fault. But, 8 homes were without Electricity. No Air Conditioning, No TV, No internet… Florida Power and Light was called, trouble ticket created… No problem…well, It was 8 hours before the Cat 3 Hurricane, Irma, arrived.... Read the comment here
Satisfied Customer
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Tim's quote was very detailed and right in line with several other competitive quotes. The 20kW Kohler (RESAL) with ATS has excellent reviews and quality. Tim's electrical installers did a fantastic job. With FPS, "The quality goes in, before the FPS stickers go on!"
Nelson L.
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Reliable: Natural gas-powered operation. Stable Power: Quiet: 55-60 decibels (equivalent to an Air conditioner). It's fine
Sarasota Customer
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Ray was just here two weeks ago to replace my battery. Thank heavens for the notifications. You guys are the best!
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Again, the work that Dean, Eric, and Tim did was outstanding, I was really impressed with their work ethic and attention to detail. I will be highly recommending your company to anyone who asks.
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Finally! Ihave found a company that knows how to repair generators. Very pleased with work done by Mark and Lane.
Louis A Lehner & Ursula S Lehner
via Google review
An outstanding company with highly professional employees. Whole-house generator installation. Excellent product, service, and support. Generator was invaluable during recent hurricane caused power outage. In a time when so many contractors fall short, it's refreshing to find...
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Great family owed buisness.. they treat the customers like family... give them a call for all of ur electrical needs... including Generators!!!
Thomas Cunningham
via Facebook review
Tim did an outstanding job for me! Anything electrical, call him!
Bob Kreisler
via Facebook review
As a former Kohler Power Systems employee and generator industry professional of over 20 years, I think I can be objective in stating that your company and the work of your Read more
Dan Penoff
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