Tips for Maintaining a Generator

Similar to appliances, residential and commercial diesel generators need to be maintained regularly to prevent them from needing untimely repairs, or worse, breaking down.

Generators that are maintained often tend to function better and last longer.

Having said that, here are the top tips for maintaining a generator.

Follow the Given Maintenance Schedule

For the generator warranty to remain valid, users need to follow the maintenance schedule set forth by the manufacturer. Generator providers publish the dates of upcoming maintenance schedules for their customers. These can often be found at their website or by contacting the supplier.

Meanwhile, some factors affect how often you should maintain your generator. These factors include:

  • Continuously using the generator as the main source of power
  • Being constantly exposed to extreme and varying temperatures
  • Regular exposure to elements such as airborne contaminants, saltwater, and harsh weather
  • Using poor quality or contaminated engine fluids

Users can set an appointment with a reputable generator maintenance service company to provide for their scheduled maintenance needs.

Change the Generator Oil Regularly

Changing the oil in the generator every now and then is one of the most important steps to maintain its integrity.

There are a few variables that should prompt how often owners need to change their generator oil, including:

  • The environment the generator is operating in
  • How often the generator is used
  • The make of the generator

Experts in the industry suggest a generator oil change every fifty to two hundred hours of operation depending on the factors above. For example, newer generators may need less frequent oil changes since they are more efficient than older models.

For generators operating in a harsh environment, changing generator oil more frequently may be necessary.

Keep the Generator Clean

Two vital parts of a generator are its stator and rotor which work together to provide electricity. Throughout its life, stators and rotors tend to accumulate debris, dust, and other contaminants.

Neglecting the buildup of grime in these generator parts would result in it not being able to generate electricity efficiently. It could also lead to its stator and rotor to burn out faster.

That is why it is important to clean the generator air filters frequently. No matter how often one uses their generator, it is highly recommended to open the air filter and check it for dust every week.

People living in particularly dusty regions should check the air filters of their generators more often. Such precautions help ensure that the generator can be used whenever needed.

Start the Generator At Least Once a Month

Generators are often intended as a backup option when there is no electricity. However, this also means that it could go for weeks, months, or even years without being used.

Whenever the generator is needed, we want them to work flawlessly and without issue. One of the best tips on how to maintain a generator is to fire it up at least once a month.

Turning on the generator allows owners to:

  • Allow the carburetor to function well
  • Charge up its batteries (if applicable)
  • Make sure that the generator is lubricated by oil

Another important reason why this is necessary is that it allows users to see if the generator is still operational. After all, no one wants to end up with a non-working generator at the time it is needed the most.

Check the Fuel Lines

The longer a generator is used, the higher the probability that its fuel lines will be torn, clogged, or cracked. When this happens, the problem can hinder or even halt the supply of gas from going to the fuel system and cause it to stop working.

Although experienced individuals can clear a clogged fuel line by themselves, it is often easier to hire a company that offers home generator solutions. These companies can check fuel lines on behalf of their customers and even provide accessories such as a generator battery maintainer when needed.


These are the top generator maintenance tips people who own generators should know about.

Proper maintenance of a generator is necessary for the machine to continue working as efficiently as possible. It is highly recommended to set an appointment with professionals who know how to maintain generators safely and effectively.

During the appointment, licensed generator experts can look into the equipment and ensure that all parts are working as they should be.

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