What is a PTO Generator and How does it Benefit Farming?

Before we go into the question of what is a PTO Generator, we would need to understand why did the need arise for such a generator.
A PTO or power take-off generator is portable and can be used by attaching it to vehicles like trucks, tractors, ATVs, UTVs, and various other emergency vehicles. This makes it one of the best generators for commercial use that’s available in the market for emergency crews and farmers.

What is a PTO Generator?

A Power Take-Off Generator is a mobile generator that is designed to produce electricity by channeling the horsepower of an engine. It is a common tool for emergency and agricultural workers.
This type of generator allows you to generate electricity in areas where it isn’t available as long as you can arrange for a vehicle (preferably trucks or tractors) in the area.

How is a Power Take-Off Generator beneficial to farmers?

Modern farming, with all its technological advances, is heavily reliant on electricity to make use of its heavy machinery. But areas, in which farming is in vogue, do not usually have proper access to uninterrupted electricity.
This has made farmers rely heavily on generators to get the required electrical output. But a generator is cumbersome and does not facilitate easy transportation.
The mobility of this kind of generator is one of its primary USPs. It’s also the first answer that comes to mind when someone asks, “Are PTO Generators any good?”


Around 2 HP is used in generating 1 KW of energy. So, a UTV or an ATV will be able to run smaller power take-off generators with ease. But to utilize the full potential of a larger generator, truck engines are required.
Without further ado, let us take a quick look at the benefits that farmers can avail themselves of while using a power take-off generator.

1. Mobile emergency power backup

Power outage is a primary concern for agrarian regions. They are usually located far away from the metro cities which suffer little to no power outage. If you own a power take-off generator and your home suffers a power outage, all you need to do is park one of your tractors beside your home and Voila! You have backup electricity until the power service resumes.
A power outage can severely affect the productivity of your farm too. With a power take-off generator, all you need to worry about is fuelling your tractor.

2. Remote location power delivery

Imagine there is a malfunction in the fencing at the far end of your ranch spanning over acres. You would be needing tools like a power saw, drill machines et al. to repair the fence. Electricity for these pieces of equipment will not be a hassle at all. Just connect your power take-off generator to the engine of your tractor or ATV and get to work.

3. Savings on repair costs

Every farmer worth their salt knows that repair costs are one of the major costs that a farmer can incur throughout an agricultural season. More often than not, these repair costs stem from taking care of faulty diesel generators. Power take-off generators, on the other hand, are famed for their extremely low maintenance requirements.
A diesel generator generally requires an oil change in around 50 hours. The oil filter needs to be changed after every 100 hours. But in the case of a power take-off generator, the only thing that you need to think of servicing is your tractor’s engine.
Power take-off generators save both time and money required for the maintenance of other kinds of generators. Even if you haven’t utilized your generator in a long time, the general rule is that if your tractor is in proper working condition, your generator will work too.

4. A comparatively lower initial investment

Ideally, a 20-25KW diesel generator would cost somewhere in the range of $6000-$8000. A power take-off generator with a 25KW generating capacity would cost you $3000 or less. So for the same power output, you need to pay almost 50% less for a power take-off generator in comparison to a diesel generator.
Moreover, a truck PTO generator has the added advantage of being extremely mobile.
Now imagine. A portable generator that costs half of a diesel generator, does that not sound like a good bargain?

Wrapping up

A power take-off generator is a viable solution for areas that suffer regular power outages. Huge ranches and farms benefit highly from these generators. Plus, the low maintenance cost means more and more farmers are shifting from diesel generators to power take-off generators. The benefits make these generators the most preferred commercial generators.
We hope we have been able to answer what is a PTO generator. If you wish to know more or initiate a conversation with us, reach out to us.