How to Winterize a Generator: 10 Maintenance Tips and Hacks

Winter is coming, and with it, often endless storms and power outages. To make your generator work the best, you should know how to winterize a generator. Generators are an essential component both for businesses and households. Here we have listed several ways to take care of your generator maintenance.


Check oil level after every 8-24 hours of operation. It often depends on the size and model of the generator and the ways to stabilize your fuel needs. This can be easily done with a fuel stabilizer. Emptying the old fuel and restoring it with fresh gasoline will extend the life of your generator.

Exercise your generator

Just as every human needs regular exercise to maintain health, so does your generator. Even during long periods of inactivity, run it for ten minutes before switching it off again. Regular movement will keep your generator flexible and in proper working condition.

Clean your generator

Clear snow and debris from the intake and exhaust vents. If not done properly, there can be permanent damage. It is also essential for cooling the generator. Also, clean the path leading up to the generator and shovel the snow for the technician if needed.

Check battery

Batteries are your generator’s life, and you should regularly check them for any inconsistencies. Winter generators generally have a long battery life but only when cared for and regularly serviced.

Change the oil

Oil tends to build up over time at approximacalltoy 50-hour intervals. It is also necessary that the filter is changed every three days.

Regular maintenance checks

To keep your generator in good condition, it is essential to undergo regular maintenance checks. This way, you can prevent sudden breakdowns during a power outage or a snowstorm. If you need help with repair, it would be best to hire professionals. They have the expertise to handle any issue without damaging the machine.

Get a transfer switch

A transfer switch is of vital importance if you want to safely connect your generator to other electronic devices in your household. Always seek professional help if you need to repair your generator, and do not attempt to do this on your own. You may not only damage the generator but also injure yourself.

Winterize your unit

You should always winterize your unit. Treat the fuel with anti-microbes and anti-gel and ensure the radiator has a proper coolant mixture. Although most places that provide fuel already put in anti-microbes and the necessary gels, it is still better to check for yourself.

Cold weather kit

If the temperature in your area falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it is recommended that you get a cold weather kit. This is to keep the components warm and prevent frosting in extreme temperatures. You can also get a portable generator. You can ask for professional help on how to winterize a portable generator.

Block heaters and Jacket water heaters

Generators come in various types, but the best cold weather generator is block heaters. However, they are also very easily damaged. To ensure the proper working of block heaters and keep the engine warm, the best method is to look out for the engine to start easily and quickly. This can be done by keeping the engine’s coolant warm enough by using jacket water heaters or engine block heaters installed on the coolant circuit. You can get professional services for this from Florida Power Solutions, who provide all kinds of generator services.
Ensuring timely and proper generator repair and maintenance will keep your machine in good condition. If you take care of your generator from the beginning, you can save a lot of money on future expenses as it is a costly affair. Knowing how to winterize a generator will help you in the long run. Besides, you can enjoy the cozy winters as you stay in the comfort of your home and sip on that warm cup of tea.